Soused Strippers-Carolyn (Chapter 1)

By Craig Bacardi

It was Friday, two o'clock in the afternoon. I was not supposed to use instant messaging at work, but there wasn't much to do and I thought it would be better than just sitting there and glancing at the clock on the wall every few minutes. I entered my password and logged on. As soon as I did, a message appeared on screen:

User carolyn has requested to add you to his/her contact list.

I approved the request and sent one of my own, which was quickly approved.

Hi! Do I know you?
not yet
Who are you?
you can call me carolyn
I'm Nick.
i know
How do you know me? Have we met?
not yet, but i heard about you
From who?
i can't tell you
What were you told about me?
you like drunk girls :-)

I paused, thinking this must surely be some kind of prank. I looked around the office, but no one seemed to be paying me any attention. I asked her again:

Who are you?
i'm a girl who loves to get drunk
How do I know that's true?
you'll see

This was starting to look like a prank more and more, but I was getting curious.

How do I know you aren't lying?
i can prove it
i can send you a pic
OK, but how do I know the person in the picture is really you?
i will write something on a piece of paper and hold it up.
tell me what to write and i'll take a pic
Write this: \To Nick, from Carolyn" and put the time and date too.
one sec

I looked around again as I waited for her to reply. Everyone seemed to be working. After a couple of minutes another message appeared on the screen:

User carolyn is trying to send you a file.
I accepted the picture, waited for it to finish downloading and then opened it, fully expecting a "Gotcha!" from whoever was having fun at my expense. Not so...

The picture was of a stunningly beautiful girl, in her early twenties, with blond hair and brown eyes. She was sitting at a desk in a bedroom. Behind her was a large bed and on one side there was a door to what appeared to be a walk-in closet. Only her upper body was visible in the picture and she was wearing a black crop top with a very revealing neckline. Her breasts were large and firm and she had a playful smile as she looked straight into the camera. She was holding the camera in front of her with one hand and in her other hand was a
sheet of paper with the text I asked her to write. It was exactly as I requested and the time and date were both correct.

do you believe me now?
I guess I do.
You're very pretty.
thank you :-*

My hands hovered over the keyboard as I was trying to decide what to type next.

would you like me to get drunk for you?
Yes... Very much!
what would you like me to drink?
Do you like vodka?
yes, i love it!
How about vodka, then?
ok, let me get it! brb
do you want me to drink shots or from a glass?
Whatever you want.
i'll bring a shot glass, too.

She left and returned within a minute.

i'm back! i found a whole bottle.
Can you drink it?
of course! i'll get very drunk for you. you'll see!
Then start drinking.
yes sir!

Some time later she announced:

How was it?
strong, lol
Can you drink another one?
sure :-)
Can you chain three of them? :P
lol! you really want me to get drunk, don't you?
Why not?
ok, i think i can do it ;-)
Try it!

This time, it took her about two minutes to reply.

wow! i did it. at this rate i will be drunk very soon.
That's what I'm hoping. Can you send me more pictures?
sure! wait one sec

A message alerted me that she was trying to send me a file, which I accepted again. The picture was of her planting a big kiss on a vodka bottle, which was nearly full.

You love your vodka, don't you?
:-) did you like the pic?

The phone rang.

"Shit," I swore as I reached to answer it. It was a customer. I was hoping she wouldn't leave while I dealt with the caller.

Sorry, phone call! BRB.
np. i'll keep drinking. :-)

The call lasted more than ten minutes and was starting to grow worried. When the customer finally hung up, I quickly resumed the conversation.

I'm back. Are you there?
I was worried you might leave!
no way! i'm having too much fun :-)
Me too. Did you drink any while I was on the phone?
yes! a lot!
How much?
i'll show you

She sent me another picture. The vodka bottle was down to two-thirds and she was grinning into the camera. There was no doubt she was getting very tipsy.

i'm almost drunk!
I think it's beginning to show.
Yeah, I like it. You are so sexy.
aww, thanks :-*
Can you make videos with your camera?
yes. i think so
Can you make a video of you drinking?
haha, ok!
Drink straight from the bottle.
ok :-p

Several minutes passed as I waited for her to record the video and then send me the file. When the file was on its way, our conversation continued.

i think you will like the video
What did you do?
i drank a lot

The video finished downloading and I quickly opened the file.
"Hi!" She said with a little wave of her hand, smiling into the camera. She then placed the camera onto her desk and, adjusting it carefully to make sure she was in the picture, and reached for the vodka bottle. After removing the cap, she lifted the bottle to her lips and proceeded to swallow several large mouthfuls... and she just kept going and going. I have never seen a girl drink vodka like that and I was getting turned on. When she finally finished drinking, the bottle was nearly empty. She put a hand to her mouth instinctively as she emitted a silent burp. With a shudder, she reached for the cap and put it back.

"Oh God!" She gasped as she was still fighting the effects of all the vodka she just guzzled. "I hope you like, Nick! Bye!" She reached towards the camera to turn it off. 

When I closed the video, I noticed that she sent me another message.

what do you think?
You are awesome.
thanks, you're so sweet :-*
I have never seen a girl drink like that. That was impressive!
i told you i love to drink, lol
So are you going to keep drinking?
yep. once i get started i can't stop
Then this is going to get interesting, because I won't stop you either.
So how about another drink?
sure! i'm going to finish this bottle.
Do you have more?
yes, lots.
i don't know. i will check after i drink this. ok?
A minute later, she sent me another picture. She was proudly holding up the empty bottle in her free hand and she was looking pretty drunk, even in a picture.

You look drunk.
i'm just getting started. ;-)
What will you drink next?
let's see. brb

Just as I received her message the phone rang again. Another customer. When I finished the call about ten minutes later I glanced at the clock. It was almost three. There were no messages.

Are you there?
yes, sorry. i had to go pee.
It's OK.
i made you another video. ill send it now.

She began sending the video and I impatiently waited for the file to finish downloading, so I could watch it.

"Hi again!" She slurred slightly as she looked into the camera. "I'm going to show you what kind of drinks I have."

She stood up and walked out of the room into a hallway, where several bottles were lined up on a small cabinet. I didn't see her, because she was pointing the camera straight ahead as she walked, but as she came to a halt in front of the cabinet, she staggered noticeably to the side.

"Okay, I have some whiskey," she said lifting one of the bottles, then she reached for the next one and continued to list them. "This is cognac... This is... uhhh." She lifted the bottle closer to her face. "Gin. And that one there is vodka... And another whiskey."

She turned the camera towards her face. "Which one do you want me to drink next, Nick?"

With that, the video ended. She looked decidedly drunk.

Which one do you like?
its upp to you
How about some whiskey?
ok. letme get it, brb

Soon, she was back and she was trying to send me another picture.

What's that picture?
me and my whiksey

I opened the file. The first thing I noticed as the picture appeared on my screen was that she had pulled up her top to expose her breasts. She was holding a bottle of whiskey with her free hand and she was sticking her tongue out in a mischievous smile.
You are hot!
Nice rack!
lol. you liek?
Hell yeah, you've got an awesome body.
hehe thanks. shoudl i drink more?
How drunk do you feel? Can you do a walking test?
i'm not drunk
Do it anyways.
ok wiat
Make a video of it!
lol ok

After a short wait, the video was on its way and I decided to ask her about it, to get her take on how she thought she did on the walking test before I saw it.

How did it go? The walking test.
Did you walk perfectly straight?
i tihnk so
Did you stumble at all?
nope. im not drunk yet
i wanna druink more
Go ahead.

While she was drinking, the video arrived and I opened it to view her attempt to walk in a straight line.

"Hi Nick!" She smiled into the camera. "I'm going to show you I can still walk. Straight."
She placed the camera on her desk and adjusted it so she could walk along one wall without moving out of the frame. As soon as she stepped in front of the camera, I could see that she was very drunk. There was no way she could walk in a straight line, despite her insistence that she could still walk perfectly. In fact, she appeared unable to stand still for more than a few seconds without stumbling off in a random direction. She was completely plastered.
As she staggered to the far end of her room, moving as if she was standing on a rotating platform which was also being tilted back and forth in different directions, I could see the concentration it took for her to stay upright. Another thing that was hard not to notice, besides the difficulty she was having walking, was her figure. Now that her whole body was in plain view, I couldn't help but admire it. She had beautiful long legs and a nice round butt and she chose to show them o® by wearing a very short, tight, black miniskirt with thigh-high
black stockings. She had pulled her top down to cover her breasts again, but her midriff was still exposed. The sight of her staggering drunk in such a revealing outfit was enough to made me wish I was there in person.
She stumbled back to her chair and sat down heavily.

"See?" She asked as she grabbed the camera to aim it at her face. "I tol' you I can wallk!"

She closed her eyes an giggled.

"You have nooo idea how good I'm feeling now," she slurred as she fumbled for the button to turn off the recording.

The video ended and I closed the file.
Wow! You are very drunk.
what? no0oo!!!
Yes you are! You can barely walk.
i walked striaghe
Haha! You could hardly stand.
not ture
Can we meet in person?
not todyay
But soon?
I would like that.
m etoo :-)
Are you having fun?
Then we should do this again.
Can you make me another video?
ok. whar do you wnat me to do?
A striptease! :P
you';r bad
Will you do it?
yes, siure! can i dirnk more?
Of course. You can drink as much as you want.
ok, wiat

After what seemed like an eternity, she sent another message.

im back
Did you make the video?
oh yess. i forgor to send it.

A few seconds later I received an alert that she was trying to send me a file.

This one was considerably larger than the other two videos, so I decided to keep talking to her while the video was being transferred.

What did you do in it?
i drnak, then i streipped
How much whiskey is left?
its done
You drank the whole bottle?
You're going to get really wasted.
thast what yoiu wanted, right?
Yeah. Why did you do this?
because i ike to gert drunk
But why chat with me? You could have gotten drunk by yourself.
i wanted you tosee me
Where do you live?
that;sw a secret
Can you at least give me your phone number?
Then how can I contact you?
you can send me a message herwe
OK, fine. Have your secrets.
The video is here. I'm going to watch it. BRB.
ok, tell me whart yoiu think

I looked at the clock. Time was flying by quickly. I clicked on the file to open it.
The video started with her putting the camera on her desk and giving me a small wave. 


She was slumped down in her seat, but she leaned forward to reach for the whiskey. The bottle was less than half full and within seconds she downed its contents. She was completely plastered and I doubted she even tasted the alcohol as it rushed down her throat. She put the empty bottle back on the desk and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She shot the camera a sideways glance and said: "I'm trying not to puke."

She leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment, probably trying to stop everything from spinning. She took several deep breaths and then opened her eyes again, trying to focus on the camera.

"What d'you want me to do?" She asked abruptly, probably louder than she intended. "I forgot."

She leaned forward to look at the monitor and I could see her lips moving as she read our conversation. "Ohhh! Striptease! Okay."
She grabbed the armrests of her chair with her hands and hurled herself to her feet only to lose her balance and stumble forward out of the picture. All I could hear was an "Ow!" and then a sti°ed giggle. After a few seconds, her head came into view and she knelt up in front of the camera.

"I'm okay... Don't laugh at me," she scolded, even though she could not see me grinning at the monitor.

"Okay." She pulled herself onto her feet by using the edge of the desk for support, turned around and stumbled forward a few steps against her bed. She did not notice that during her struggles to get up, her skirt hiked up and now part of her butt was visible. She turned back around to face the camera and started to sway her hips seductively, but every so often she staggered backwards against the bed and once she stumbled sideways and collided with her chair. She didn't let any of that deter her and she kept dancing and bouncing off the furniture.

She reached down to unbutton her skirt and managed to do it without falling forward, but only by putting a hand against the desk to steady herself. She let the skirt fall to the floor around her legs, revealing a black thong underneath.

She let go of the desk and stepped out of the skirt and continued her slow dance by wiggling her butt at the camera as she removed her top.

Once she was topless, she knelt down in front to the camera again, proudly displaying her breasts.

"You like it?" She asked after blowing me a kiss. Steadying herself again by holding onto the desk with one hand, she cupped one breast with her free hand and started to play with her nipple, first with her fingers and then with her tongue. When she looked up, with glazed eyes, I knew she wasn't going to last long. The whiskey she guzzled before she started stripping was starting to take effect in earnest. She reached forward and turned off the recording.
That was fantastic! You are so damn sexy!
Can you continue the striptease?
Make another video!
what dik yoy want me to drink next/?
Don't worry about drinking. I want you to get naked. OK?
i reakyky liek yiou
I like you too. You're the sexiest girl I have ever seen!
So, will you make me a video of you naked?
yes. waoit

This time she came back after a few minutes and she immediately sent me the video she recorded. When the download was complete, I eagerly opened the file.
Her drunken face filled the screen as soon as the video started.

"So you wann' see me naked?" She was slurring her words pretty badly, her head was bobbing back and forth like she was on the verge of passing out and her eyes were only half open. I didn't know who she was or why she was doing this for me, but I was very grateful. She had gotten completely plastered for me, for no discernible reason. I was pretty sure I have never met her - I knew I would have remembered if I had. She wasn't one of those girls a man can forget.

She placed the camera on her desk again and sat down on the edge of her bed, where she paused for a moment with a hand over her mouth. For a moment I thought she was about to throw up, but the urge apparently passed, because soon she looked up again and she pulled down her panties. She spread her legs, revealing a clean shaven pussy and laid back on the bed. Her hand reached between her legs and she moaned softly as she started fingering herself.

After a minute, to my disappointment, she stopped and struggled to sit up.

"I'm so dizzy," she complained. She slipped off the edge of the bed onto the floor and crawled forward to the camera on the desk.

"It would be be'er if you were here!" She breathed. "I wanna fuck."

That was the end of the video.

That was hot! If you want to fuck, I can...
ikm sick,i5hin k im g0onns p;uike3
Do you want to stop? Or can you make just one more video?
ia ca nrt, inm hn ort dfeeling wewel
Sorry to hear that. Will I hear from you again?
yeswe soiokn
What's that?
OK. Thanks a lot! I've never had so much fun at work. LOL!
mke too
Take care! I hope to hear from you soon. :)
y0oyu toko, b yhe
With that, she went offine... It was time to go home.

The End.

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